Our Mission is to provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Health Care

Care for dogs of homeless

Care for dogs of people in difficulty in the canton of Geneva! Your help will finance the online, face-to-face, medicine and food for homeless pet owners with dogs.

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Experience data-driven pet health advises through your smartphone

Introducing MyStetho for Pets: The mobile app that allows pet owners to chat with veterinarians 24/7 by sending text, images, vidoes and cardio-respiratory sounds

Experienced Veterinarians

On Call 24/7

Automatic language translation

User-friendly stethoscope

Cardio-respiratory sound recording

AI and Veterinary sound analysis

MyStetho for Pets veterinarians provide general advises based on information received. They do not provide diagnosing, prognosing, or treatment plans.

Who uses MyStetho ?


Great Pirenea crossed with Husky
“I just wonder when Noa breathes heavily (with mouth open, tongue outside and abdomen moving) well outside of exercise times, is that something normal?”


Mixed Ratter

“Nago is in good health. On the other hand, one of my vets thinks he may have a heart murmur. What do you think?”


West Highland White Terrier

“Did you hear the heart sound of my little dog Louna who is 12 years old I would like to know if she’s fine thank you.”


Jack Russel

“As a meal she has croquettes and meat that I cook every day, will I have to change her food too?”


American Labrador

“As Blu is getting older I worry about his energy level and his arthritis. And since he is a labrador, his hips . He had a hip replacement 5 years ago and that hip and side serm more ridgid. I give him fairly regularly antinflamatory drug
Called onsior . It seems to help but it makes him tired. It would be great if you had suggestions for my aging dog to help him keep a good quality of life.”


Labrador Retriever

Everybody is telling me she is skinny. Should i change her food diet?”

Our best Veterinarians

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
North Carolina State University

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
Università degli Studi di Milano

About Us

MyStetho is a Swiss-based technology company headquartered in Neuchâtel and founded by Pierre Starkov.

For only $100, you receive a MyStetho device and get to chat with a veterinarian for 50 minutes!

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